McIntosh MC240 w/ Emotiva XP3 - Recommended

I want to upgrade my HT setup. Currently I've Kenwood VR4090 receiver, Tyler Acoustics Linbrook System II speakers (Front & Center), JBL S312 (Rear), Oppo 93, & Nakamichi RX-505 Tape Deck.

I started with a budget of $2k for the Amps but I guess, I might have to stretch it a bit for the love of Tube Mc based on several reviews here.

I'm thinking of using Oppo 93 Analog feed to existing Kenwood receiver (config as Pre/pro) & connect to
- Mc Tube Amp for Stereo (say MC240/ MC275)
- Emotiva XP-3 for the remaining 3 channels

However, I'm not sure how will that work since the tube amps are rated as 40W & 75W respectively whereas, XP3 is rated at 200W into 8 ohms.
- Will the surrounds & center overpower the fronts during movies?
I also have an "asymetrical" configuration in my combo 2-channel/HT system (in which I also have an Oppo 93, BTW). It has never been an issue, provided the channel balances are properly set. Even when listening to MCH SACDs, I have not been bothered by any inconsistancies in the sound from the various channels. That said, I do have a 3-channel amp for the front three speakers, and all but the back surround channel speakers are matched, sonically, from the same manufacturer. Also, all the amps (the 3-channel amp and the rear channel amps - inside my AVR) are all SS. I do have a McIntosh tube preamp, however, so I understand your desire for the Mc tube sound. My complete system is listed in the virtual system section.
Thanks for your insight. In your case, all your channels are powered by SS amps whereas in my case, 2 will powered by Tube & 3 by SS. Besides, the power rating on both the amps are also different. What about you?

- Are the speakers (Tyler - Linbrook) good enough for the Tube Amp?
- Any other recommendations?

Here's my speaker specifications:-
Tyler Acoustics - Linbrook System II (Front & Center)
Frequency Response: 32-25k
Sensitivity: 89db
Impedance: 8 ohm
Power: 30-250wpc

JBL - S312 (Surround)
Frequency Response: 35-20k
Sensitivity: 92db
Impedance: 8 ohm
Power: upto 250w
One thing that has not been discussed is that you cannot directly compare dollar for dollar retail prices with factory direct. Equipment comes from a factory, then goes to a distributor and maybe even a wholesaler and then to a retailer, who then has to sell the item to make a profit.

In any case there are at least 2-3 doublings in price from factory to retail. For example, Emotiva's CD transport for $400 should not be compared against a $400 retail transport. As far as value is concerned that $400 factory transport is actually like a $1600-2000 retail transport. The same goes for all the other equipment (amps, DAC's, speakers, etc.).

There is one problem with factory direct in that manufacturers don't make any money until they sell and they usually don't have a lot of storage space for product. While the other's involved in the retail chain have some leeway with that time factor because they are building storage and supply chain costs into their prices. Therefore if a factory direct dealer gets a lot of orders for a hot product, it is unlikely that they could keep up with the sudden demand.