Mcintosh mc240 and headphones possible or not ?

Hi Can anyone help me out here.I want to use headphones with my Mcintosh mc240 is there an aftermarket or DIY adaptor available?

If not why not? : )

Thank you Paul.
Can you not plug them into your C28 instead?

I like to use my old Stax SR-Sigma's with my MC-40's. The older style driver unit hooks up to the amplifier speaker terminals rather than the pre-amp.
Hi Arthur
Yup thats what I've been doing.
I think it would sound way better comming from the mc240 if possible.
Hi 2muse
Thanks for your input,I'd never heard of the stax driver unit,untill I read you reply.

So I done some web trawling, seems as though there going for about up to $150 USD does that sound right to you.

I've also seen the SRD-X/PRO model but could'nt find a price on these.Do you know if I could run the pro model off the mc240.
Thanks Paul
Nice rig you've got going there Arthur.
There is a website for Stax:
which has a history section that shows old products.
That is the main thing, that these are older models. The new driver units seem to be small amplifiers themselves. I am not expert enough to know which old model might be best or how you might find one. They are driver units for their own headphones. The SRD series seems to be the driver unit that hooks up to your own amplifier. I will confirm my model tonight, but I believe it is the SRD-7. There are a couple of listings here on Audiogon.
Good Luck,
I checked. I have the SRD-6SB (self biasing) version.
From their description:
Different from the low-impedance type conventional dynamic headphone driven directly by the amplifier output, STAX electrostatic earspeakers are high impedance type and they call for high voltage to drive. The function of the SRD-series energizing adapters is both to transform the amplifier output to this requirement of the earspeakers and to provide the polarizing voltage to the diaphragm....
(more in their PDF)
There are also big differences in the earspeaker models themselves. I like the Sigmas, but I have not seen them available, nor have I heard the newer models.
Thank you for doing the research,,you should post your rig would be interested in seeing it. Bye thanks again Paul