McIntosh MC2300 as a sub amp

I have re-capped a MC2300 last year and am now using it in mono mode to power a 15" sub. I thought this was a good use of this big amp as it was just sitting around for some time.

The sound is great and tight and much better than most class D amps.

I guess so.. What does a MC2300 weigh? Think of the old Grateful Dead.

Stacks of those things.. Maybe MC2500 too.

Lots of Mac, in any case. Poor stage crew. :-)

That is  my favorite Mac amp.  Try listening to it in stereo.  It’s fantastic.
It sounds great in stereo as well. 

I love McIntosh equipment. I used it for my main amp for years. 

Using a mc452 now.

Many people snub this product but have never owned and spent time really living with them. 

Give them a chance 
I was thinking about the 2300.  I had one for years.  Aside from having enough power to drive anything, it was beautifully voiced.  If I remember right, it has a damping factor of 13!  So the bass on this amp has a tube/valve like character to it.  Large amps usually lose something with sonic character, not this one.  It’s the one to have when looking at the 2300, 2500 and 2600 series.  It also doesn’t have an autoformer.  A close second is the Sansui BA-5000.  
I hope you had a chance to use this In you system as something other than a sub amp. 
Thanks for your comment.

I used the 2300 years ago as a main amp. It then started to develop more AC hum so i parked it.

Did the full recap last year but bought a MC452 for the main speakers and using the 2300 for a 15 inch with 2 15  inch passive radiators. I must say it rocks!