Mcintosh MC225 vs Cary / VTL / C .Johnson etc

If you had a blindfold test with a Mcintosh MC225 vs a newer tube amp ie. Cary Rocket 88, Six Packs, CAD 2a3, or VTL VT50, or Conrad Johnson MV60, or similiar newer amp bought used for the same price,does the 40 year old Mac measure up to the others in terms of soundstage, detail etc. Granted the Mac is built like a sherman tank, has the name and better resale, but if you had 2K to buy one against some of these others, which would come out better on the test ALL other factors ( which are important) excluded here? If you ask what the usage is,I personally would be using the amps with my VTL TL-5, Klipsch Cornwalls, and Cambridge 640 CD
To be fair this would have to be an Mc225 that is operating to spec with a full compliment of new caps resistors and tubes preferably teles and westinghouse 7591 rom its vintage
Now I'll go head to head at the same volume level AB comparison. I think the 225 will give the competition a run
The Mc225 I own two after new caps resistors replace check out by a technician you cant beat the Mc225.
I'm a Cary Audio guy, but if you are matching the amp with Klipsch, you should go with the Mac. I don't know what the technical reasons are, but there is a magical synergy between McIntosh amps and Klipsch speakers. Great Rock Music combo, my fav.
why compare a vintage amp with an in production ? rather, compare it to another vintage amp ?.
That was my answer to myself before.

I have a pair of mc-225 run as mono (50 watts each.)

*********WISER MOVE TO MC-225***********NOTHING TO LOOSE!!