McIntosh MC2205

Has anyone spent any time with this amp? I have an opportunity to pick one up for a pretty good price. Was seeking general thoughts and observations regarding this amp.
I bought mine new from a dealer in 1979 for about $1200 or so. It has served me well for 30 years. It replaced a Scott 382-B receiver and was a huge improvement.

Had the specs checked once decades ago (it was fine) and had it serviced once. Minor problem fixed.

I have had it in a cabinet in cramped space for years - never any overheating issues.

Have used it with Dalquist DQ-10s then Thiel CS 3.5s.

Finally replacing it with a Theta Dreadnaught II 4 x 225 (one open slot). Bought the Theta on Audiogon for $2,150. Waiting for the Theta to arrive this week. Need to sort out power issues as I understand the Theta is a lot more power hungry than the McIntosh 2205.

Talked to a local McIntosh dealer down the street and I would be given a trade-in allowance of $1,250 on new McIntosh gear or $600 on used McIntosh gear.

Using the lower figure, the 2205 has cost me a little over $20 per year for $30 years - pretty cheap considering the solid performance.

Who doesn't like those big blue meters dancing to the music? My 15-yr old son thought I bought it relatively recently but that it was designed to look retro. Definitely has a unique style.

Hope this helps.

San Francisco
I have had both the 2255 and the 2205. To this day I kick myself for selling them. I would love to by one today from a seller that took care of his. If you know it's in good shape get it!