McIntosh MC2102 Question

Recently doing some reading on the McIntosh MC2102 tube amp. Read on one site that MC2102 flamed 2 or 3 tubes and that early versions of this amp had some problem. Anyone familiar with such a problem or just an isolated incident (urban myth)? Thanks!
I think the problem was with the tubes, not the amp's design.

I have two of these amps, running mono/bridged. This amp beats out all contenders at, or quite a bit above it's price range.

Great amp!

Oh, tube rolling is lot's of fun on this amp.
Mac has changed the bias on the 12AT7 drivers to increase lifespan. I don't know the S/N cutover. This is documented in the service manual.
I have two of these running in Parallel, and have NEVER had an issue. In fact these are the most stable tube amps I have ever owned.

Never heard of the issues you described.
I bought a friend's MC2102 which he had for 3 years last year and he never had any issues with tubes or reliability. That is one of the reasons why I bought them, as well as the great sopund.

Since Dec 06 I have 2xMC2102's running parrallel mono blocked and no issues whatsoever.
I have replaced all the stk input and output tubes on both amps and again no problems.

Only great music.