McIntosh MC2102 - Levinson ML39 interface



I have a Mark Levinson ML39 CDP running balanced direct into
a McIntosh MC2102 and I want to be able to turn them both on
with the Levinson remote (sorry, but yes I am that lazy!)

MC2102 has the "power control" and the ML39 has the "IR"
(both are 1/8" jacks).

I don't know if they will be able to communicate with each
other and frankly, I would be pleasantly surprised if they
could, but I'm concerned about the potential of damage.

Anyone have practical experience with this sort of thing?
If you have any useful info, I would appreciate it. Thanks.
Check to see if they both are 12V triggers. My guess is that it will work just fine. Arthur
The MC2102 is not a blanced amp. There is an extra circuit that converts the balanced to unbalanced. Not a big deal, but I thought you would want to know.