McIntosh MC207 Plus Krell HTS - What Would You Do?

I recently upgraded my 5.1 HT system, replacing a Krell HTS 7.1processor and Krell TAS (5x200W) amplifier with a McIntosh MX122 processor and MC207 (7x200W) amplifier. Speakers are B&W N802D (front L+R), HTM2D (center), N805 (rear L+R) and ASW850 (sub). I originally was going to sell the Krell HTS 7.1 and Krell TAS, then I got to thinking, and the fun started. I initially set up the McIntosh 7 channel (7x200W) power amplifier in 5 channel mode (no connection to the other 2 channels). Then I thought, if I buy two XLR splitter cables I could use all 7 channels and effectively bi-amp the N802D speakers. 2x200W into each front L+R speakers and 200W into the center and 200W into each of the two N805 rear surround speakers. Effectively using all 7 channels of the MC207. Sounds good to me in theory, plus I get to use all 7 channels of the MC207. Then I got really creative! Why not put the Krell TAS back into service and either bi-amp the the N802D front speakers and use the MC207 to bi-amp the HTM2D center speaker and single, or bi-amp, the N805 surround speakers. Another option, and this is getting stupid, why not bridge the Krell TAS, 2x800W, to power just the front L+R N802D speakers. My preferred option is to use all 7 channels of the MC207 and bi-amp the N802D speakers, single channel on the center and surround speakers. OK, what would you do?

I would not bridge the Krell TAS.  The B&W speakers drop down to 3 ohms and bridging is really only good if the speaker is flat 8 ohms.

As far as splitting / bi-amping, it really depends on how you want things to sound.  The McIntosh amps are going to sound different than the Krell TAS.  Krell will be very high resolution and transparent.  McIntosh will be laid back.
1 - Treat your room properly

 2 - Start making your own speakers.  It's less work and more satisfying.