McIntosh MC206 Review

Category: Amplifiers

My old amp was a B&K 202 Plus used to power a set of Thiel CS 2.3s. I have used this amp for over 25 years. Bought for $700 in the day and sold for $350, I got my $$$ worth. I bought a MC 206 here on Audiogon and paid $2700 about half of retail. Original boxes, manuals etc... as perfect as a piece of equipment can be. First I like the beefy look. This amp pumps out 200 watts in to the 4ohm Thiels and though the B&K was suppose to be a 200 watt amp it sounded a little muffled comparied to the Mac. The Mac never runs out of juice in my room and I have 4 other channels to use or not use for HT. Two hours of hard use and the amp is just slightly warm. McIntosh is a type of in your face forward sound that I like. I listen mostly to 70's rock...Steely Dan, CSNY, Eagles, James Taylor, some jazz, and country.

Other Equipment:
McIntosh MX118 preamp
Meridian 508 CD
Adcom Ace 515 Line filter
Anti Cables
Kimber Kables ICs (all types)
Thiels CS 2.3 speakers
JL F110 subs
Thiel in wall speakers for rear
Billy Bags stand
BO TX table MMC1
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