McIntosh Mc202 or Conrad Johnson MF2300a amp?

I've narrowed down my amp selection to one of these. I require at least 200 watts, which both provide. I've heard the MAC (like the sound) but don't have the opportunity to listen to CJ. I like musical, warm open sound, good bass punch, dynamic, and some detail but not overly detailed. Can you suggest one over the other and why based on performance and not cost?

They will be paired with a Cary tube preamp.
The Mac will give you a slightly more defined sound but either will give you a musical style presentation. The Mac I think sounds a bit more dynamic as well if that is important.
My experience has been the opposite Mac is dry and sterile while cj is very musical .. I like Mac because it looks cool while cj is kind of bland in the looks department.
Yes, dynamics are important. I would like some life and not a dull/flat sound. The McIntosh 2205 for example, is too smooth and dull to my ears. The newer Mac amps sound much better IMO.
Can't speak for the Mac, but though the c-j ss amp isn't quite as neutral as some others, it's still a delightful amplifier. Without knowing your speakers, etc., it's all rather moot.
Chad what speakers are you using?

The MC202 has peak output current of 50 amperes per channel. I never look at watts but more on the ability to deliver more current into low impedance loads. CJ rated 240 watts but not sure the current output for load of 4 ohms.

MC fan myself but I like the older CJ amps.
I have a few speakers, but need the most power for some older JBL L150a speakers. They are 92db with 12 inch woofers. I was also thinking of buying some Magnepans to add to the mix. So...I do not want anything under 200 watts and around 90-100 amps of current.
I have the CJ MF2300 amp and really like it with my Maggies but note that its "only" capable of about 45 amps or so. If you want to have amps capable of 100 amps or so I think you'll need to go into big monoblocks such as the Parasound JC 1 or the Bryston Monoblocks. Although even then, some monoblocks such as the Krell Evo 600 which is rated at 600 Watts into 8 ohms is rated at "only" 49 amps ( and only $30,000).

From what I've read the amp rating is even squishier than the Wattage rating as every manufacturer seems to measure differently and some don't publish this spec at all.