McIntosh MC2002 And MA6100

I have a MA6100 and its not enough power for my speakers. So I purchased a McIntosh MC2002. Should I replace the 6100 with just a preamp or is there any difference?
The preamp in the MA6100 is adequate, but hardly world-class. I have had one of these for 20+ years, so I know it well. For line source it's fine, but the phono stage is somewhat weak and the bass tends to be a bit woolly. If you have no need for phono, then let your ears be your guide. If you like the sound, why spend more?

The MC2002 can sound quite good with a more modern pre. Preamps are an area where modern designs really offer big improvements in sound quality and especially lack of noise. Your choice depends on your source (e.g. do you need the phono stage) and budget. I used an Audible Illusions Modulus pre with my Mac amps, and liked the combo. You often see them here for $600-$1200 depending on model and whether they have the MC phono stage.

Hope this helps!
i have a Jolida JD-9A and it works great. what mac more modern pre-amps do you suggest for the 2002?
I'm going with a preamp. whats a good match for this amp C28,C30 or C32
thanks for the help
a newbe
i'm not at the world class level yet, i'm just starting. so what is the difference from using a MA6100 or a C30 with an MC2002
I had a 6100 for years too, as well as a C-28, C-29. You shouldn't have any problems with the 6100. I think the phono section of the 6100 is very nice, tight and quiet. Try it first before you spend your hard earned money. Trust me, it's no slouch.