McIntosh MC2000 vs. Goldmund 29

I have ARC VT100mkiii amp and considering an upgrade. The two amps I am considering are MC 2000 and Goldmund 29. This may seem odd choice betwee tube and SS but I want to hear your advices. FYI, the rest of my system is ML 31.5 transport, goldmund 21+ DAC and digital pre direct to amps, Voce Divina Tenore speakers. Thanks,
The MC2000 is pretty special and although the Goldmund is a wonderful sounding solid state amplifier, the MC2000 is much more musical.
I owned a MC-2000 and sold it shortly afterwords.It is a beautiful piece of electronics but is lacking in performance against other amps in its range.I upgraded to ARC REF 600 mk IIs, not even a comparison.Unless you want more power, I would keep the VT-100.
you have 21 goldmund than go to 29 without any hesitation but you must buy new millenium version it s very very good product .
I recently upgraded to a MC2000 from a Classe solid state amp. No contest, the Mac is vastly superior sounding to the Classe amp. The Mac is not only superb looking, it is musical, clean & very dynamic. I use the amp with my Wilson watt/puppy 6.0's and the combo is terrific. Stereophile picked it as amplification product of the year & rates it as a class "A" amplifier. On the plus side is it is already a "classic" product that should maintain a good resale and probably outlast you or I. Since a limited amount of these amps were made it is already a collectors item. Sounds great, looks great and a collectors piece, what more can you ask for!
The MC2000 is very impressive - it knocked the socks off the ML 383 (A/B in the same system) in air, openness, musicality, and above all, coherence. But then again, it is a lot more expensive than the ML. I would go for it if I could afford it. One day... Let us know what you decided. Arthur
I've had a few high end amps over the years and some of them I felt were better than the MC2000 for many reasons. Out of the box, the MC2000 is "alright", there are some areas where its good and others where its not so good.

After a brief bout with unemployment, I ended up keeping my MC2000 vs. the other amps -- I had to sell much of my system.

Since then, I have been tube rolling in my MC2000 and discovered it can sound pretty amazing if packed full of GEC KT88's. The improvement over the Stock Svetlana tubes is massive and really-really makes this amp quite loveable.

I initially regretted having to sell my previous amplifiers but after hearing the MC2000 with the GEC's, I've got to say, I don't miss them one bit.

**I'm curious to know what Power Cords you've all chosen for the MC2000. Since the IEC connector is facing upwards and the rear bracket is about 3.5 inches above it, this makes it almost impossible to use some of the top PCs on this amp. We need something flexible!

Currently I am using a Cardas Golden which is a not the greatest PC compared to others (on other components) but does a good job tightening the bass on the MC2000 (a bit of a weak spot on that amp) and ads ample weight/body.

I know there's got to be a better PC so.. tell me guys, what have you found?
Tube rolling on the McIntosh amp. Cute. Maybe
I will try it on my MC2102. Does this mean I now have to go out eand learn all there is to knwow about, yet another Audiophile Tangent?
I currentyl own a mc275 and have at home the new Goldmung 2.3 amp of the two without a doubt prefer the Mac275 tube amp...its not even close !!