Mcintosh MC2000 owners please help

Im awaiting my Mc2000 and currently have the 1201's with the C2200 preamp. Decided to go for a change and sold the C2200, would like to try the C200 and reverse my SS & tube setup ( could always switch back ). What speakers have you been using or gone thru? My first choice are the Nova or Utopia's, and the MBL 101D ( have a budget of 12 to 19 k and looking for used only ), but just read this months issue of stereophile advising against tubes, whereas the fist reveiw of the MC2000 in 1999 was done with the Utopia's and had favorable results. Im all for one in trying gear out but flipping speakers at this weight and price level is not something Im looking forward to. Rest of my gear is the MCD751 trans, EAD 9000 MKIII dac, and will be buying a C200. My questions with tubes will come at a later date when everything is in place. Thanks in advance, John
I have heard that combo ... C200 with 1201s ... on Avalon Ediolons to great effect.
My MC 2000 is feeding into the REVEL Ultima System and I am perfectly happy with the result. I listened to the Mac into the Sonus Faber Amati which likewise was just pure excellence. I am sure that if you don't ask for the absolute powerhorse (more than 150wpc ) the MC2000 will satisfy you at all needs and in all acustical terms. I don't trust those statements like :"not suitable for tubes". If in doubts just trust your ears!
Good luck and congrats to your Mac - it's simply a brilliant amp.
Velo62 - While I am not a big fan of McIntosh Amps in general, (I think their solid state gear is "just-okay") The MC2000 is certainly an exception to that. It is a very good amp & I have been very happy with mine. The MC2000 responds well to various tube changes and if you use the stock tubes, you are not getting the best out of the amp.

Try using 6 Genalex KT88's and 2 Stock Svetlana KT88's. 4 early Amperex 12AX7's for pretty amazing results. Then change the two 12AT7's to meet your taste. You'll need to roll those tubes (the 12AT7's) trying various brands to find something which suits your system.

The MC2000 responds well to various power cords but given the angle of the IEC outlet, some cords do not work. I use an Electraglide Ultra Khan Statement II on the amp and feel it tightens up the bass and makes the whole package sound more coherent.

In my system the MC2000 drives Wilson Benesch ACT One speakers with 89db efficiency 3 to 6 Ohms very well.
Thanks for your response. Bwhite, for the amperex early runs are you refering to the ones made in holland or germany? What made you decide to mix 2 stock svetlanas in the genalex quads and what benefit is there in doing so? For PC's I have Tara labs and will be using a Xlr cardas golden ref with the C200. Thanks, John
Velo62, the Amperex tubes I use are made in Holland circa 1957.

Running 100% Genalex Gold Lion is nice but I felt it was too much. The sound reached a point where it became too soft and luscious - romantically enticing but perhaps inaccurate.

Substituting two of the Genalex with stock Svetlana's corrected the softness while retaining the benefits of the Genalex. I know it seems odd but its something you have to try for yourself.

Should you use GEC KT88's, they tend to be richer sounding than the Gold Lions and therefore the "mix" to get the right sound from the amp will be more like 2 or 4 GEC and the rest Svetlana.
Thanks Bwhite, did you ever try KT90's. Ive seen many of the MC2000's on sale have swaped out their tubes with the 90's. Regards, John
Hello Aida, the Amati homage was on my list. We have a local chain that carries sonus faber here in fla but only go as high as the cremonas which just wouldnt be enough speaker in my room size. Planning a trip to NYC and will give the Amati's a try along with the Utopias. Another audition Im curious for are the Avante garde Duos. Regards, John
Velo62, I've listened to the KT90's in other amps and didn't like them. The real truth is, if you (or anyone else) listens to any KT88 tube amp and doesn't use M.O.Valve - GEC/Genalex tubes you may as well (for the most part) stick with solid state - because you would be missing the REAL magic of tubes. Modern tubes, no matter which, are quite simply not even in the same class as vintage tubes.
Can anyone offer a sonic comparison between GEC/Genelex KT88 (Gold Lion, Gold Monarch, Golden Arrows) vs. vintage Tung Sol 6550?
Hi Bwhite - have you heard the newer ss amps from Mac like the 402 or M501's? I am considering the 501's to drive my Thiel 3.6's with a cj prem 14 pre.