Mcintosh MC2000

I already own one MC2000 and I am planning to get another one. My question that MC2000 is a limited production with 560 units. I come across that you can get one with serial number greater than 560 from a seller on Audiogon. I like to know that they anybody know about this or Mcintosh reissue some more units after the first run of 560.


Why don't you ask McIntosh; they are the best candidates to answer this question.
200 more were reissued supposedly for the Asia, but they all ended up back on the US market. Their serial numbers run from the 600 to 700 series. They are identical to the first 500 units, I beleive the retail was also dropped to 12,000 so this explains the 3000 dollar drop in resale value.
Hi Rocky,
You could give McIntosh a call or an email. (607) 723-3512

Good Luck
Thanks for all your answers. I give McIntosh a call on Monday.