McIntosh MC162 vs. MC7270

I currently own the MC162 and enjoy it very much. I can pick up a MC7270 for a little less than what I could sell the MC162. Can anyone comment on the differences between the two? I know the 7270 has autoformers. I have a pair of Dynaudio 1.3SE's and while I feel the MC162 drives them okay I wonder if the extra power from the MC7270 would be an audible improvement. Thanks.
Yes, I think the extra power would help you out. However, the 162 will have a lower output impedance than the 7270 because it is direct coupled and so will get you a better damping factor (although this wouldn't be a big deal with monitors).

I like the 7270 a lot but if you want real grunt, I would suggest you get a 7200 for about the same price, maybe even a little less (mine is not for sale ;). The 7200 is a real powerhouse into low impedances; performance graphs in Audio Magazine put it at 500W into 4 ohms - almost double what the 7270 would give you. Also, I found the 7200 to be more detailed, even when compared to the newer McIntoshes. Finally, the 7200 has a very low output impedance thanks to 28 direct-coupled output transistors and it makes my JM Labs sing like no other amp I have had. Anyhow, all of them are great so try one and see what you think. Arthur
All we can do is "guess" which one you'll like. Taste is so personal. I would guess the 7270 would be a noticable improvement because of the power and the autoformers. Anyway of trying it first? Good luck.
Unfortunately, I have no way of trying it out on my system before I buy. I appreciate the responses.