McIntosh MC162/Replacing bulbs on front panel

One of the bulbs on my McIntosh MC162 is out. Is this something I can replace myself or should I have the shop do it? If it's fairly easy, how would I go about doing it? Thanks.
I have replaced mine on two Mac amps that I have had. It is easier on their new equipment, because the electronics are more modern. Since the 162 is newer, it should be easy for you if you know how to solder. Just take the front end off with a good phillips screwdriver that fits the screws properly. Sometimes it feels like you need three hands when you do the work. I always liked it when my kids helped out in holding the parts. You have to heat up the old lamps solder joints to loosen them, and yank them out while the solder is hot. This beats paying the over $50/hr. labor rate to have the shop do it. And while you are in their, you might as well replace all the lamps, not just the burnt out ones. I have eight new lamps I am sitting on to put in my amp soon. But I hate dealing with the weight of it to put it on the table at 89lbs. Some day I have a spare 3 to 4 hrs to work with I will do mine. Remember Mac has changed their new amps and finally gotten away with the bulbs. They had many problems in the past finding a supplier that sold bulbs that lasted awhile.
Yes, it is a bit like a modern (American) car...once you open it up, replace all of the bulbs as it is such a pain in the...., well you know what I get to it all.
Thanks. I had planned on replacing all of the lamps. I'm not real steady with the soldering iron so I may just take it in to the shop. Thanks for the info.