Mcintosh MC162


I am about to purchase a MC162 power amplifier. I can not test the unit A/B wise at home. My other amps are Quad 606 mk2 (and 909), and some remarkable old integrated amplifiers. I had a Mcintosh pre-amp before, but to be honest, I didn't like it at all ! The C42 sounded very processed and very slow. Mac preamps are not my thing !

I want to hear some MC162 owners opinions : how do you like your unit compared to other amps you had ?

Thanks !
It's a non-autoformer model, so it doesn't have Mac's signature lush sound. Which, according to your experience with the M42, you may prefer.
Meanwhile I audiotioned the C15-MC162 combo against a MA6300, which was also for sale. Wow! The C15-MA162 was very good indeed. I liked it over the MA6300, which had less bass. The MA6300 had less weight in lower midrange, so it sounded a bit thinner than the C15-MC162 combo. THe C15-MC162 combo had a more balanced sound. Less fatiguing. The C15-MC162 is very direct, dynamic , fast , neutral and musical. It sounded much more grainy and crisp than the other mcintosh gear i auditioned before (like the C42). I think the C15-MC162 is a very good allrounder for every kind of music. (from classical over metal to hip-hop :-) )
I've decided to buy the C15-MC162 combo. It is in mint condition with original boxes. It is an investment, but mcintosh-gear you can always resell very easily.
Happy listening !