Mcintosh MC150 light bulb replacement

Do the replacement bulbs have to be solderd into place? or are they a screw in type? And is it a big job to do so?Thanks
I am not certain about the 150 but I bet the Mc logo bulbs are solder-type and the rest are plug-in. It is an easy job if you have ever used a soldering iron before.

Be sure to order a new set from Mc before doing anything. Chances are not all of the bulbs are the same wattage and can be hard to find so don't expect to run to Radio Shack to get some at the last minute.
not all mac amps use the same type of bulbs,some are like mini car blinker bulbs & just pop in,others are soldier type & some are connected to a very small peice of green board.

the mc150 uses the type that is connected to green board,the green boards are attached by small phillips screws & come right out,all you need to take apart the amp & green boards is a #2 phillips screw driver & it takes about 1 hour to take apart the amp & remove all the green boards & the same to put it all back together,if you order a new set of bulbs from mac im pretty sure that they dont come with the tiny green boards.

i had a mc150 that needed most of the bulbs replaced & i took out the bulbs with the green boards attached & took them to a local tv repair shop for replacement,i didnt want to chance screwing up the green boards soldering in the bulbs.

the repair cost me about $10 & the tech did the work while i waited,the tech also told me that type of bulb is a standard shelf type bulb that any tv repair shop should have on hand .

ive had great luck using tv repair shops for bulb replacement on all my mac gear,their happy to get the business & you dont need to leave your gear for weeks plus it costs a fraction of what hifi shops charge to replace bulbs.
Thanks much Aball & BigJoe! I don't know if I really want to take a chance screwing up the green circuit board either, One side of the right meter is dimmer than the other and the MC 150 logo is dimmer in spots too. So are the meter bulbs the screw in type? Thanks
hi marems,i dont mean to sound like the cloud of doom about the green boards that the bulbs are attached to,they are super simple to remove & to reinstall,the wiring from the green boards to the amps harness simply unplug & the green boards simply unscrew from their locations,all the bulbs in the mc150 weather they be meter or the illumination for the logo are attached to green boards,i think there are 11 total but its been awhile.

it really is a simple job removing the green board bulb holders,removing & welding in new bulbs is a different story,if you do decide to replace the bulbs yourself be sure to take out the blue plexiglass lens & blue gel's from the meter window's,a simple cleaning of these parts make the meters look much brighter.
What should I clean the parts with? Thanks again!