McIntosh MC1.2kw

I'm not finding much information out there on the McIntosh MC1.2kw mono blocks. Anybody out there that could provide their experience, pros or cons?? I would really appreciate your help.

Thanks Much

Quite a few owners there.

I am biased because I have been in the audio industry for 29 years and work for a dealer.

Proper matching is the most important thing you can do and if you could find a great dealer that is good at this you are better off.

The McIntosh MC1.2kw along with all McIntosh amps are way over rated. Most often people are the victim of nostalgia where they grew up with a dad that had them or they grew up always wanting one.

When it comes to sound quality they are very dated so today you can get something as good for far less or something much better for the same price.

They are very compressed and “electronic” sounding with a lot of harmonic structure missing in the sound. They are grainy and dark at the same time. Parasound has this issue as well but for 1/6th the price.

I can’t recommend an amp or amps because I don’t know your system but the industry is full of small incredible companies that build legends in the making like Musical Design, Clayton, Tube Research, Intuitive Design, Odyssey, David Berning, Gryphon, Electrcompinete, Aesthetix, Thore, and even some big names like Rowland and Classe.
Reference's first sentence says all that you need to know about his reply. The question was whether anyone had experience with the Mac monoblocks, and since he is so biased, I'd disregard his comments. Many, many folks find that Macs sound great. How many of the small companies he mentions can give you the service Mac can, how many hold their re-sale value as well as Mac, and how many may/may not be around in the future? I will agree that many of their new models are hideously overpriced. Other than that, another response of what amounts to drivel.
Here is a link for a review-large file to load

Referenceaudiovideosec-Statement concerning McIntosh amps is comical at best. Highly suspect considering you are selling other brands and seriously doubt it was based on actual ownership and demo in your home.
I have heard the 501's not the 1.2's and have had a chance to hear them in a comparison to the Classe' amps. The McIntosh clearly showed that the Classe's were over priced and over rated. Of course that is just my opinion based on 45 years of listening to music. As Sid42 points out there are many who buy McIntosh, a company that has maintatined a customer base since 1949, must be pleasing more than nostaglic gratification. I would add that you won't have any trouble selling them if you grow tired of them. McIntosh produces a great product although it is not for everyone. But what product is? If so we would have but one brand of everything from audio to cars to appliances.
Ironically I have a dealer that hates McIntosh because he doesn't sell it, however he has a complet McIntosh system in his private listening room. If I sold Fords, I would tell you what is best about my product, a poorer sales tactic would be to take the time you gave me, telling you how bad the competition is. That logic supports the theory of "I blow out your candle and mine glows brighter"
You guys are the best. I appreciate everyones input. I'm wondering about the MAC technology with the autoformer. I started to research the Vitus technology. From the reviews, totally different animal. Any Vitus thoughts?
I understand where you are coming from and the comments about them standing behind the product is true along with resale value.

As for them being around, they filed for bankruptcy 4 times.

A made it a point to list all but 2 companies I don't sell. I can't carry everything I like. It is hard enough to stay in business selling any audio these days.

I can also tell you that I have always blown away a McIntosh in someone’s home. I do like their tuners.

Donald Trump also filed for bankruptcy years ago, so I guess that makes him worthless today, no?
McIntosh makes much better stuff these days than 10 years ago when i first heard them (i'm a young audiophile). I own a MA6600 and it has a really nice sound on the right speaker. It is not slow and dark like the old reputation was. They also are built much better than early in the century--when they went cheap and paid for it.

And on the higher end---the 501 has won just about every award out there. and still is a reference amp for several reviewers.
Ya,those slow and dark MC60's and mc225's are really worthless.Cost 279-300$ and now their going for 2000 in real nice shape.Hope I never have to put up with all that jazz.Overbuilt,retro-looking.....what planet are you guys from?Guess we all got a part to play,cheers,Bob
You should read the next review on that tone publications link.... Sim W7M. He does a pretty direct comparison and the price is basically the same. I know which one I'd pick.....
If you like the Mac sound, don't hesitate to buy it. It will last you a lifetime and you always have the abiity to sell it rather easily given its high resale value and current demand. I have heard the 501's and 1.2Ks and they are very good amps. I have owned my MAC pre-amp (C-29)for 27 years and had it in the shop once. Its like my honda with 225k miles on it, all it does is start up every morning! Dependability at its best.

With that said, while the Mac does many things well (coherent,dynamic, imaging,warm,musical), it is not the most transparent,resolute or fastest amp out there. Images tend to be a little farther back from the soundstage (could be a positive or negative).

The bottom line is do you like the Mac sound?

If you do, you are buying a very well built and dependable amp backed by a company that has been around a long time. If you don't, then it doesn't matter how well it's made.

I hope that helps