Mcintosh MC phono Preamp vs Nakamichi CA-7


I built my system with used components two years ago. While I like my setup, i have just realized that my preamp balance is way off (I thought it was my speakers but eventually I was able to attribute the problem to my preamp).


Nakamichi CA-5 preamp
Nakamichi PA-7 amp & PA-5 amp
Rega P6 (with MC)
JVC Zero9 speakers

I am looking at these options

1) find another Nakamichi CA-5 or Nakamichi CA-7 preamp. They occasionally show up in ebay for $500-$1000.

2) Get it repaired with a technician help. I paid $500+ for my CA-5. Not sure how much it will cost to get it repaired.

3) I have been wanting to get a Mcintosh component. Hence, I am considering both used and new preamp options.

My budget was $1000 when i was just considering CA-7 but I am willing to go up to whatever it takes to find a good Phono preamp (preferably all analog). 

I have no idea how good or different Mcintosh ones are compared to Naks. While I am okay with a used one, I don't want to upgrade for next few years.

Any suggestions?

Note: I am still a beginner when it comes to audio components. I may not understand every detail.