mcintosh MC 7270 or mc 7200

I am narrowing things down to several mac amps. I have a C39 pre, klipschorns. I am currently running tubes but have always loved the mcintosh gear. I had a MX132 and did like that but tubes took over. Now, I am staring a second system and have some mad money to play with. Once again, just looking for thoughts and opinions.
The big difference in the two amps, other than 70 more wpc in the 7270 and it has autoformers, is the 7200 is direct-coupled with no autoformers. Having owned both type amps, I like the 7200, and that is what I currently own. The bass is more solid in my opinion, and is a great amp!
I owned both. Loved both. You won't beat tubes.
They sound identically. IMO.
My set up is a little similar - C35 pre, SET 300B 8W/channel amp, and speakers some what similar to Klipsh cornwall. Before I switched to tubes I had MC 7100.
After I tried tubes I would not switch back.
I just wonder - 200 watts into klipschorns? How big is your room? This should be good for the stadium.
The 7270 is the better of the two IMHO, however it's old and tried... You can do a lot better with new gear for a fraction of the cost.
I think the MC7200 wins hands down over the MC7270. According to McIntosh, the 7200 was their attempt to compete with the big Krells and Levinsons of the day. The 7200's 200 watts sounds better than the 7270's 270 watts as I've owned both. For vintage SS McIntosh, it's hard to beat the MC7200 for the money.
Woah, 200-270 wpc into Khorns! Good grief I have a 6 WPC OTL amp with these speakers in a fairly large room and anything over 10:00 on my volume control (with CD's, vinyl anything over 12:00) will make my ears bleed. Am I missing something here, these speakers have a sensitivity of about 104db?
lol, fantastic.I knew there was a mac conversation out here somewhere. Yes, I am running 18 watts right now to the Khorns and can't even break a sweat let alone perspire. For the most part it is what is out there for mac amps and reviews I have read about these amps along with what I have heard over the years. I don't expect to beat tubes... perhaps that is it. I have achieved what I wanted in tubes but my itch for mcintosh won't go away. I also own a set of JBL CF 150. 92db sensitivity which I suspect is where this system will wind up. I realize I do not need that much power but I also realize that certain amps sound different. Any other comments are appreciated.
The 7270 weighs 82 lbs without packing but is a keeper as is the 7200.I might look at a small tube amp with KHorns but its all good,B