McIntosh MC 7100 amplifier question balanced ?

In my search of a few different amplifiers, I ran into a question on the McIntosh MC 7100. I have found some with a small standard power cord, and just unbalanced outputs. Then their seems to be another version with a heavier power cord, and both balanced and unbalanced outputs, yet both with the sames exact Model number. The version with the balanced output seems to have a better barrier strip also.

Is this a running change to the amp ? Is there anyway to tell, other then just to view the rear panel what version it is ?

This site has a exhaustive list of Mcintosh products :

Hope it helps, Emile
Thanks Emile. That is actually what started this. I downloaded a group of 7100 pictures, which shows the unit both ways. Then as I dug around EBAY looking at for sale units, I saw it both balanced and with out balanced.


Oh, I see ...
Then McIntosh on forum may be the right place to ask your question ;-)

The MC7100 was originally produced with ONLY unbalanced outputs...this "original" version also used the Panloc mounting system to "lock" the amplifier in a McIntosh walnut cabinet if desired...this version had NO power ON/OFF switch either...the later production model came without the offered both balanced and unbalanced outputs, and it came with a power ON/OFF switch located on the rear panel...both have the same specs, but most people prefer the later production difference in sound or performance...