hi, i have a mcintosh mc-601 mono amplifiers, mcintosh c-2300 preamplifier with telefunken valves in line section, ayon cd5s cdplayer and dynaudio c4 confidence speakers.
I want a new amplifier, a upgrade in reference to the 601, plinius reference amplifier is a real option?, is better that mcintosh mc-601?
As one who's thinking about moving up from MC352 to MC601, I'm curious as to what you feel is missing from the MC601 amplifiers. Where do the MC601 amps fall short, in your view?
I upgraded the MC275 Mono to MC601 Mono last year and upgrade my C2300 to C500T last monthly. With the MC601 and C500T, my system is now fully balance, impedances and synergy is 100% match by their design engineer team. ALL different music sound amazing without any short fall.
May be you can try upgrade the preamp first. Because the C2300 is not a fully balance unit.

but do you listen the plinius reference?, i want a new experiencie whith more transparency and more holographic in the sound
I'm not sure how much help this will be but I went from a McIntosh MC-2500 to Parasound JC-1 Monoblocks to a Plinius SA-Reference, and the Plinius may be the last amp I'll ever own.