McIntosh MC 601 Using two taps at the same Time

Has anyone use two taps at the same time 4ohms and 8ohms taps on a Mac amp? I usually use a biwire for my Vandersteen 2CE Sig II but I would like to separate the biwire as in, tap the lows on the 8ohms tap and tap the highs on the 4ohms tap to get a little more low end (bass). According to McIntosh, since Mac uses the autoformer, you can use two taps at the same time.
I have MC501 mono's powering Vandersteen 3A signatures.I use two stereo pairs of speaker cables to bi-wire them.After trying all possible combinations.I use the 2 ohm taps for the lows,and the 4 ohm taps for the uppers.Sounds the best for me.I also utilized the same taps when I was using an internal bi-wire cable previously.As Mac states,using multiple taps is not an issue.