McIntosh MC- 501 vs Pass X-600 vs Parasound JC-1

Trying to find an amp to MATCH well with MBL 101D's. Room size is 18'x 22' x 9' and primarily listem to jazz, vocals and some new age. Desire resolution, dynamics without grain, edge or top end brightness.

Thanks, 1985tqc
I have not heard the Macintosh, but would strongly suggest you add Classe to your short list of options.

If money is no object, the new Omega series would absolutely do the trick.
Mac is Back!!! I heard the 501's for a long audition when buying speakers. They sound GREAT, I now own the B&W N802's and the 501's played effortlessly. They never broke a sweat! They played with great detail and never bright or harsh. NO listener fatique. I own Levinson and I'm really impressed with both the 402 and now the 501's. Fantastic build quality. Peace and Good Listening, Pat.
The new McIntosh 402 is simply sublime. I assume the 501 is too. I can't wait to get one. I didn't like the Pass Labs X350 as much as the 402 - it was a tad lean for my tastes and didn't have any more detail than the Mc. Good luck! Arthur
Another vote for Mcintosh. I have a MC352 to drive the B&W 803 and pretty happy with it. The bigger brother 402 or 501 will be at least as good as the 352.

Nice review of the Mac 501 in this month's Stereophile - at $8,200 a pair, the reviewer says they're steal (compares them favorably to the $27,000 Halcros). For the kind of money you're talking about, test them with your type of speakers.
why not try the Clayton S2000 or M2000? The Claytons have a reputation for richness, fullness, detail without treble edge. they also have great power and current delivery, doubling down into lower impedances (unlike the McIntosh which is a constant 500W power into 8, 4 and 2 ohms).