Mcintosh MC 501's or 602 - how do they sound?

Would like to know if anyone owns them or has listened to them. Did you listen to them balanced or unbalanced.

I have listned recently to Bryston 7B's, Krell 300cx and cj prem 350.
I own the 501's, they are excellent. They drive my Thiel 3.6's effortlessly, extremely dynamic, detailed from top to bottom. They have an inner detail which allows you to hear deep into the soundstage, however, it is sweet and detailed versus analytical and etched. They really fill up the soundstage and make the Thiels sing.

I am driving them with a Merdian 200/263, conrad-johnson premier 14, MIT 350 SG EVO, 350 reference, and Magnum M2's.

They are worth a listen!