McIntosh Mc-500

Does anyone know who makes glass faceplate other then McIntosh? Mahalos 
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I don't know of any aftermarket company that does that.  McIntosh will do it but it takes 6-7 months as it has something to do with the silk screening of the glass process.    I would check with Audio Classics, they would know if anybody does,  Ask for Mike.
why would you want to buy a glass faceplate made by some other than McIntosh? i'm from hawaii too!!!
If it is saving money on the part, you may check with some audio dealers that specialize in McIntosh. They may have a dead MC500 that 5he6 would part out for you.
Bought a mc 500 but glass was shattered when arrived. McIntosh said 6-1 year if they would even produce it. So was looking to find oddah source to replace. Beeg bummahz at dis point.
If you bought new, return damaged to dealer. If used, return to seller.
Return it. The glass being broken indicates a firm strike. Your money though.
Bought used but da shipper does not want to return funds. Only asking me to wait for da claim from ups. What a nitemare.
If it wasn't shipped in original box then that is the problem.  The box suspended inside a much larger box is the ONLY way for them to be shipped without damaging the glass.  I would send it back to the seller for a full refund.  I have passed on a lot of Mac gear because the seller didn't have the 2 factory cartons.
Did you arrange the shipping or the seller? Whomever arranged and contracted the shipping owns the problem.
Shipper arranged da shipping through ups. Still trying to get my money back.
Call Audio Classics in NY, they might have one.
Audio classic doesn't have one. Hopefully I get funds back. They also got same reply. 6 months to a year before McIntosh even makes a batch. Wish McIntosh would keep some spare parts but don't.
Did you pay with a credit card? This will give you leverage.
Foolish on my part. Did money order.