Mcintosh MC 402 2 ohm tap

I have an MC402 and I'm using 4 ohm usher speakers. For some reason the system sounds better when using the 2 ohm tap. Has anyone had this experience, or am I just crazy?
Your 4 ohm speakers may dip down to the 2 ohm region, so you're not going crazy.
Definataly not. My Strads dip down to 2 ohms for most of the lower bass and some mids and I go back n forth between 2ohms and 4 ohms.
I dynaudios sound better running through the 2 ohm taps as well
my dealer told me you can change taps it cant hurt the amp cause of the autoformers match the load but you are still useing the same amount of power i have played with the taps i dont tell any change in the sound i talked to mac teck suport they all so said there is no sound change