Mcintosh MC-352 or FPB 200 for B&W 802

I have a pair for B&W Nautilus 802's. Want to know which of the two amplifier (from used market)should I go for?

I have ML 39 CD player and have MIT shotgun speaker cables and interconnects.

Other recommendation are also welcome.
Both of these amps can certainly push these speakers with relative ease. The 352 has a tubelike quality and a more naturalness to the music - the Krell comes right at you with an edge that (to me) I find fatigue setting in after extended periods. I have owned both and still have the 352 . Other people will of course have different takes but this is my own experience. Check for more personal opinions on each of these. Neither are too shabby.
I had B&W N802s and found them too bright in the high frequencies when paired up with a Krell KSA100. I then had them paired up with my (old) McIntosh MC2125 and they were darn near perfect. I would definately go with the McIntosh over Krell for B&W speakers as a result. Audition both and see but I think you will find the McIntosh beautifully liquid on 802s (especially a MC352). MIT cables definately help 802s tone down the shrill also so that was a good choice in my opinion. Arthur
B&W used the FPB600 and the FPB650M's to voice the "N" line of speakers.
My advice (and I use Krell with my B&W speakers) would be to wait until you can afford the FPB300 rather than either of the two amps you suggest. By the way, Krell advised me to do just that when I was about to purchase the FPB200. I am glad I waited.
I auditioned the n 802s with the MAC 352 and it was a very nice combination.Cheers.
Oh come on now! Where did you get the information that B&W used the Krell FPB's to voice their speakers? Tell us, what speaker cables, interconnects, power cords, power conditioners, preamp and source components did they use??
I listened to the MAC 352 with the 802's at Jamison Stereo in Ohio a few weeks ago, and the sound was just beautiful. Source was the Sony SACD-1 and C42 preamp. Cables were nothing special, middle-of-the-line Audioquest. This was a system I would love to own, and I can't imagine that you would be disappointed with the MAC/802 combo.
Drrdiamond was right. B&W used to voice their Nautilus line-up with big Krell amps until Krell started to make their own loudspeakers. The relationship between B&W and Krell sort of went sour then. Supposedly B&W's new alliance would be Classe according to my local B&W dealer.

In respect with the choice of amp for the N802, both Krell and Mac are well built gears though quite different sounding. However, if you are like me who prefers to leave the amp on all the time, then go with Mac because you can leave the Mac on all the time and it would stay much cooler than the Krell.
I used to own a Krell FPB300, but now use a Mac MC2000. The Mac IMHO is much more pleasant to listen to. I am not familiar with the MC352, but it's a Mac and I have enjoyed any of their products I have auditioned. I liked the Krell mind you...but it's not a Mac.