McIntosh MC 2250,how is it?

I'm interested in buying a MC 2250 from a private party.I can't seem to find anything about this power amp.Can you tell me about it? Thanks very much,almac.
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Since discovering Mc, I have listened to many of them that coincidentally became available to me for various reasons. I auditioned a Mc2200 that sounded remarkably smooth, on the soft side, with strong bass and a lot of body to the midrange. The vocals were very believable and had a goose-bump-inducing quality about them (this was on Magnepan 3.5 with a McIntosh C33 preamp). I was impressed that an amp that is 26 years old could sound so good. Huge amounts of power too. I am sure the 2250 is more of the same. I owned a 2125 for a while and loved it too although it ultimately did not quite have the resolution of my much more modern McIntosh MC7100 to which it succumbed. Nonetheless, for the money today, they are a great value and worth having IMO. Arthur
are you sure of the model number. i think you're talking about the 2255. maybe that's why you can't find info on a 2250.
They made a 2250 from 1982 to 1988 and it was 250 watts x2 and weighed 80 to 90 lbs.