McIntosh MC 2150 Fried

MC 2150 Amp. I made the foolish mistake of unplugging interconnects from amp and did turn it off first. There was an obvious noise when I removed a cable. I took notice and it crossed my mind that this could be bad. Right channel is now not playing music, just some low level hiss through speaker. I tested both channels to be sure it wasn’t a speaker which it is not. I would greatly appreciate any advice on what may be damaged and what I should expect on the cost of the repairs. There are a couple of McIntosh repair options for me locally, but, would like to have some level of knowledge on most probable needed repairs before dealing with them.     
Check the fuses. Start by looking at the back panel. Then remove the top cover and follow the wires that go to the power cord and see if that leads you more fuses. You need to check inside and out because there can be more than 1 fuse.

If you don't find any bad fuses on your amp, check the fuses in your preamp the same way. Its possible the preamp is damaged and not the amp.
I'm surprised...I've made bloopers like that with my Mac 2105 over the years without any damage. I'll bet it's nothing too serious.
I checked everything yesterday, unconnected, reconnected, etc.. and no right channel.  After sfall mentioned pre-amp as possible culprit I pulled out the preamp today and hooked CD player straight in. Right channel back. Happy. Put pre back in just to be sure and still have all channels. I think angels fixed over night... Crazy, but I am happy as can be about it.  
Been moving equipment around a bit over the last week, and after reconnection today I had the right channel out again. After a short panic I determined it is either the interconnect on the right channel or the RCA plug on the Preamp. Strange how things occur sometimes that lead to the wrong conclusions. Thanks for responses.