Mcintosh MC-2105 with Totem Hawk?

Has anyone ever tried Mcintosh MC-2105 on Totem Hawk? wonder hows that turn out.....Thanks
The cambridge is not the perfect match for it, the hawk's need lots of power to be driven perfectly..IMO.
thanks, but i was asking about Mcintosh MC-2105 though
Yes, the Mac 2015 will drive the Hawks, but IMHO, the 40 year old solid state 2105 is an average sounding amplifier at best.
Thank you very much Brf
The 2105 is a fine amp depending on where the caps are at[age].Better than most.Have no idea where the above poster is coming from,good luck,Bob
My comments are based on being a previous owner of a 2105. Do a google search on early solid state McIntosh amps. It's not a bad amp, just nothing special other than it is a McIntosh.
As the present owner of a 2105, serviced in the last 2 yrs, I've been using it for the last 12 yrs. I must like it enough not to have replaced it after all this time but it is not high on the audio food chain by todays standards. BE ADVISED!: you cannot bridge this amp because of the way the meters are wired. These can be had for a very good price nowadays and parts / glass are available. I'm not complaining, for the right price / application, I would recommend it. A full range speaker may not be the ideal setting (I use an active x-over). Some people are adverse to the autoformer concept it employs but that's another topic. Sorry I can't address the issue of the Totems. You really need to audition. Good Luck