mcintosh mc 202 VS. McCormack dna 225

I need a warmer sounding amp. I have a mcintosh c15 preamp and which of these amp is better?
I have never been impressed with anything with the Mcintosh name on it. Just my opinion, but to my ears everything I have heard has a very mid-fi sound. So I guess I would recommend the DNA 225.
I can highly recommend the DNA-225, as I own one. I have never heard the McIntosh you reference, but I would imagine most would argue that McIntosh is anything but mid-fi.
I can not compare the two, but I own the Mcintosh 202 and find that its powerful warm and detailed. One of the big plus's with Mcintosh not only is its reliability, but its value at resale.
If You are talking about plan what is more acurate to sound it is by far the DNA 225 mcintosh sound nice and warm and all but that seems to me to be allot of coloration the amp is adding the dna 225 has great musical sound and a much better sound stage then mcintosh that i have heard though i have not owned them i have never benn impressed enough Though the other post is right you can't beat the resale value people love the name and the looks
I love great sound and soundstage and depth and the dna does that the best period
It depends on the type of sound you like. I know the Mccormack 0.5 well and like my little Mc 7100 better. I like the liquid, warm, emotional, and involving sound I get from my McIntosh. The Mccormack could not deliver these qualities but did have more detail. To me, the 0.5 emphasized poor recording faults excessively. It made the music annoying - the last thing I want. Others will of course agree and disagree. So, I vote for McIntosh - not to mention the Mc 202 is darn beautiful to look at compared to the plain-jane Mccormack.
Another note, pairing McIntosh preamp and amp will add to the beautiful music aspect. I had a CJ PV10 preamp that did not sound as good as my McIntosh C712 (predecessor to the C15) with my McIntosh amp. It was probably a mismatch because the PV10 can sound great but it is all the more reason to keep amp and preamp the same brand. Just a thought....
I love the Mcintosh gear partly because it is slightly warm sounding. Mcs go great with Mcs too.
I have done in home audition of many highly rated brands of amplifier until I decided to purchase the McIntosh. I own the mc352 but I have the mc202 in my house for 7 days. I am fairly impress with the mc202. To my ear and my setup the McIntosh are more musical and a joy to listen to. To get any better you have to spend a lot more money. Paired it with a good preamp and you got a winner. There is no mid-fi about it. Let your ear to be the judge.