Mcintosh MC 162 powering a pair of Klipsch RF 83's

I just bought a pair of Klipsch RF 83's. I auditioned them with the new Mcintosh MA 6300 integrated and was amazed by the sound. I have a Anthem AVM 30 pre/pro with a Parasound Halo A2. But, I was thinking of switching to a MAC amp, spacifictly the MC162. Is this a good idea? What would be a better MAC amp to match with the pre/pro and speakers?


Nice, I have heard great things about the 83's! I'm running my CF-4's off a MC150 and the sound is top notch! I've read off the posts here that some people like the non Autoformer Mac amps with Klipsch speakers, But as far as going McIntosh & Klipsch, You can't go wrong. Just get the most powerful Mac amp you can afford, Its always better to have too much power than too little. I'm going to upgrade to the MC352 in the future. Good luck with your quest!
Marems, you have excellent tastes. I too am using a pair of Klipsch CF-4s. Much gear has come & gone but the CF-4s have always remained. The MC162 sounds very good on them as do other quality Mac amps.
Phd, I was looking for the CF-4's for a long time, And I found them locally, They're even the version 1's which are the best out of the three versions made. What version do you have? You can tell if they are the first versions by the port length being 6" While the later versions have a 2" port. Love the CF-4's!
Marems, if your refering to the two bass ports, mine measure 4" inside diameter. Yes I love them as well. Their sensitivity & sound quality opens the doors to the use of a broader range of amps including set/tube. They have never been the weakness in my system and have easily kept up with the most expensive upgrades. Paul Klipsch himself uses a pair of CF-4s in his system.