Mcintosh MC 135 and Anthem A5

I recently purchased a Mcintosh MC 135 to replace a Cary Audio Cinema 11, which will be pairing with a Anthem A5. I’m curious to anyone’s input on this pairing? I have not received the MC 135 as of yet. Anyone else have this as pairing as well? I’m thinking about upgrading the A5 to a Mcintosh AMP like a MC7205 or similar.
I owned and Mx135 and I can tell you it is a very fine piece of equipment. I had a MX134 prior which was connected to a MC7205, until last couple months I added an Mc352 and used only 3 channels of the 7205. I then traded the 7205 in on a MC205 which I still own. My point is that if you can get the MC205 if you can. I find to to be a much better sounding amp, McIntosh incorporated new circuit topography and a Motorola chip that mimics the performance of the autoformers found in their 2 channel amps. This really did compliment the sound quality considerable. But congrats on the MX135, I traded mine for an Anthem D2V and the sound is much different and I miss the sound and warmth of the MX135.
Just my opinions of course.
I have the MX-120 which I believe is a close relative to the 135. Fewer balanced outs in favor of hdmi inputs. The 120 has proven to be a stellar 2-channel pre-amp in my system with excellent sound quality and all the control I could ask for.

A word of caution on McIntosh multi-channel amps like the 7205/7206. Try before you buy. I tried "brand matching" with the 7206 and it was the worst sounding amp from any manufactuer I've had come through my room. Thin, grainy, harsh. Gobs of overhead, but, just, yuck.  My favorite amps with this pre/pro include the Pass XA30.5, Jeff Rowland Model 2, and Conrad Johnson MF2250. Of course these are all 2-channel amps. If you require a 5-channel, consider a used Pass X5.