McIntosh - MC 1201 Monoblocks

I am interested in the big McIntosh amps. I personally like the looks of McIntosh. I have not seen anything written up about these amps which recently came out. Has anyone heard them? I believe that they are class A rated throughout their power output. I ma interested in anyones opinion about them, particularily what you think of their sound, value, and comparison products,
Stereophile reviews them in the latest issue.
Valuewise, I think one can do a lot better. I just read the Stereophile review and it seems like JScull liked them ok, but basically thought they weren't as resolving as some amps, and could sound bright (tho this could just depend on the recording).
There are plenty of great sounding speakers that don't need anywhere near 1200 w/channel.
For $15,000 you could buy an entire system. Some recommendations based on newer, better technology: Gamut CD player, preamp, and D200 amp, Coincident Technologies speakers. This is state of the art sound for $20,000 total (for example. I am not a dealer for either of those products, just a browsing audiophile).
I apologize if this says little from personal experience about the Macs, but IMHO there is little reason to spend so much. :)
I own the 1201 amps tHERE IS NOTHING, i MEAN NOTHING, that looks for impressive. Yhere is no amp HQ in the world that puts out more power in to an 8 ohm load. The amps are awesome. The sound quality is typicle mac. But th control you get from the amplifiers ability is simply mesmerizing. It's a lot of cash, but if you can afford it, go for it. I own the 650m krell amps. they are the best. But the mac amp make you feel like the money you spent is worth it. And in the long run the macs will be worth it, the krells won't.