McIntosh Mc 1201 & MCD 201


Anyone actually listened to the MCD 201 driving amplifiers (such as MC 501, 1201 or 602)
directly from the inbuilt pre amp?

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Check out

At least two or three Mc users to ask for MCD201 to amp performance.
I have not yet heard this unit, but there is some information at the McIntosh forum at:
I have a MC352 and a MCD201.
I previously had a c2200.
But this sounds better
Listened the MCD201, MVP861 and MC300 yesterday. The 201 is as good as all the heap and better. The soundstage was open and it sounded as though the artist was there. I purchase the 201 and the 861 for my system. Then I purchased a pair of 1201's to replace my 602. Can't wait until all the gear comes in.
u like the mcd201 over the mc300. i just got the mc300 got talked in to it over the mcd201