Mcintosh MC 1201 ? Hot or Cool

I have been on a search for High Powered COOL monoblocks . I would like to know if the MC1201's run hot or Cool. I cuurently have HOT pass x600's which are being sold to a fellow audiogon member. Any MC1201 feedback is appreciated.

I already poseted a thread earlier looking for amps any others that should be consideredin comparison to the 1201's? Remember COOL is the keyword.
Nearly all the McIntosh amps I have experienced were on the cool side compared to the average. The MC7200 is the only one I know that tends to run hot. The Stereophile reviewer for the MC501s remarked on how cool they stayed no matter the volume. I would give them a shot.

I think the Bel Canto switching amps run cool too and have good reviews. Arthur
The MC 1201 runs cool in my experience. I have two in the front left and right driving Watt/Puppies. They are never more that slightly warm to the touch. I love these amps and look forward to having one for the center channel sometime soon.
hi,no mcintosh solid state runs hot even when driven hard, you should be ok with the mc1201 momoblocks.

How hot do the X600's get? I would hope not as hot as a tube amps get. I have been considering a pair(used) to drive my Thiels and heat is an issue for me. Do you know if the X350 gets hot as well? I have no direect experience with Mcintosh but a fellow member who just bought the 501's say they run warm to the touch after being driven pretty hard.

Try to audition a pair of Simaudio W6 or W10 monoblocks. I have the W3 amp, and it doesn't even get warm to the touch. This is a requirement for me, being from Florida (we have all the heat I can handle).

I have an MC352 and can barely get it warm. Even after some heavy duty playing you can touch it and it's like touching another person. I am getting the MC1201's after I get my C200 and VPI Scoutmaster.

I have a pair of Mc1201's a MC352 and a pair of MC2255's.
The 1201's run cool all the time for me, and I tend to run them hard. They only get warm to the touch after a good 45 minutes of driving them hard. I did have a issue once with my MC352 I had it in a cabinet with not a lot of airflow and it got hot and tripped the thermal protection circuit I moved it to the floor and it is fine barley gets warm. The McIntosh amps need there space give them that and they will perform beautifully. Your room looks awesome, how are you finding the design of your ceiling acoustically speaking? I am going to gut my room next month and try again there are a few issues that are driving me nuts and I will fix them once and for all.