McIntosh MC-1.2KW vs PASS XA-160.5 amps ??

I am torn between the two set of amps.

Love the finesse of the PASS AX-160.5 amps and also love the brute power of the McIntosh MC-1.2KW amps.

Both priced around $22K msrp for the pair.

What is the better choice in general between the two?

My TAD reference speakers will sound great on either set, so it comes down to pros and cons of the PASS vs MCINTOSH.

Thank you for your contribution.
I have the XA160.5's as well, but haven't heard the big macs. The XA160.5 idle at "only" 410 watts each, based on Kill-a-watt measurement. I believe the original XA160's actually idle at 600 watts. The .5's have the same specified power consumption, presumably because when driven into AB, they will draw more.

Still, 820 watts for the pair is a fair bit of electricity and heat, so you'll want to turn them off when not listening. These sound pretty good at turn-on, but really sweeten up over the first hour, so you won't get their very best without a little planning or patience.

Another thing to think about is where you live. Pass is in CA, while McIntosh is in NY. If you ever need service on items this big and heavy, it's nice when they're fairly local.

The Mac meters are bigger and brighter and much more entertaining to watch, since the Pass meters practically never move.

At cocktail parties, you could talk about the mac's and somebody might - just possibly - know exactly what you're talking about and be interested:)

The Mac manual congratulates you since now you own the best in the world, while the Pass manual tells you that the world is coming to an end, eventually. The Pass manual is funnier.

At the end of the day, one of these will probably sound better in your system than the other. Do you have these set up with existing equipment, and if so, how does it sound?
Moltze: Before you drop a big bundle of cash (maybe I shouldn't say this as you may have a big bundle that you want to spend), you should seriously check out the Sanders Sound Systems Magtech amplifier. 500 watts per channel at 8 ohms and 900 watts at 4 ohms. The amp will play down to one third of an ohm and it only draws 40 watts from the AC line at idle. If that isn't enough power for you Sanders also offers a monoblock that delivers 2000 watts. All Sanders products also INCLUDE A LIFETIME WARRANTY and a 30 day free trial. I had a McIntosh MC 402 before I purchased the Magtech and all I will say is Happy Days are now here. If you are truly interested in getting a fantastic amp contact Roger@SandersSound Better still, give them a call and get all the info you desire. Happy listening in whatever choice you make. I am not a dealer and have no financial connection with Sanders Sound Systems. I am just a very happy Audiophile/Music Lover. The Magtech amp adds no colorations to the sound that I can hear. A very accurate amp with no audible distortion.
Like both amps but, its all about the power in my view. The Pass amps are limited and could not compete with the Mcintosh massive 1200W of power in 8ohms. Pure Class A is finer but yet less bold and soundstage is not as wide in the Mcintosh amps. Resolution and imaging edge to the Pass amps. Big presentation and depth edge to the Mcintosh amps.

Reliability both good but Mcintosh is better. The Pass amps run in class A and heat is not solid state amps friend. Heat shortens the lifespan of the Pass amps.

I would go with the Mcintosh amps.
Try the Pass X600.5 monos. Lots of power, and sonically wery close to the XA 160.5
I have heard both amps, but never up against eachother. But as I recall it, the 600.5 sound very much like the XA´s. A little less air and finess, but with a lot more brute power on tap.