McIntosh MB20

A new product from McIntosh just came out, the MB20.

Usage examples:

  1. In Receiver mode, you can stream to the MB20 via Bluetooth from any compatible device with Bluetooth streaming capabilities; this audio can then be played through your McIntosh system regardless of when your amplifier or preamplifier was made.
  2. When in Transmitter mode, you can stream from the MB20 to any device capable of receiving Bluetooth streamed audio. In this setup, you could stream the music stored on physical media, such as CDs or vinyl records, to your wireless Bluetooth headphones or wireless Bluetooth speakers.
  3. If you have more than one audio system in your home that are within range of each other then a third option is to add an MB20 to each system and set one to Transmitter mode and the other(s) to Receiver mode. Then you could stream music stored on a physical medium, such as from a CD player or turntable, from one system to the other system(s) in your home. Or if you have the need for a high-performance audio link from one part of your house to another but running cables is not possible, then two MB20s wirelessly connected in this manner could create a full wireless encode/decode bridge.

HiFi moving into the 21st century.
My listening will continue to be through my vinyl and streaming setups, but for entertainment purposes this is great. When having friends or family over they can now airplay or Bluetooth through the system effortlessly. A great addition in my book. Ordering one today.
Only downsides: I wish digital output wasn’t fixed at 96kHz. Wish there was a 12V trigger. The fixed digital output doesn’t bother me much considering like I say this only will get use for fun when others are over and sound quality isn’t so supremely important.
Unless you absolutely need a Mac, at this price point, the Bluesound Node 2i does a lot more than just bluetooth. 

I compared in my system both the MB 20 to two other bluetooth devices. One was the Audioengine B1 and the Bluesound Node 2i. The MB20 outperforms both in range and sound quality. A true HiFi piece. Sound is amazing and the amount of outputs and inputs are fantastic! 

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