McIntosh Marantz Tube Equip Repair Recomendation

I have a McIntosh MX110 and Marantz 8b that I want to have looked at before hooking them up. I have stored them for over 25/yrs.
Any recommendations around the Orange County, LA, San Diego etc?
If not I guess I can send the equipment out but I wanted to avoid that.
Thank you.
I may be able to help you with that. Email me. I'm in L.A.
If you want the best and are prepared to ship...Audio Classics in NY state.
Audioclassics would be one of the best. Pack REAL well or you could order boxes from them. It's cross country and then back.

Closer to home you have Mike Zuccaro in San Diego. Authorized Mac repairman and expert on older Marantz....

You have 2 valuable, hard to replace items. I would go with Mike and avoid shipping cross country.
Yet another recommendation for
Yet another Audio Classics recommendation. Bought a few items from them that they had fixed up. Superb.
I can vouch for Audio Classics as well. I can also say that I believe Hifigeek is an authorized Audio Research dealer who was not trolling when he told you that he could help you. I have never met him or spoken to him but have observed his posts on Audiogon with respect to technical issues and have found him to be knowledgable, fair, concise and helpful. Maybe he works on McIntosh and Marantz as well.