McIntosh MAC6700 Stereo Receiver or MA6700 Integrated Amp

Anyone own a McIntosh MAC6700 or MA6700 unit?

If so, are you happy with it & any advice/suggestions/regrets?

Also, what speakers are you using with your unit?

I owned a MAC6700 for about 18 months, sold it when I upgraded to McIntosh separates.

It drove a pair of Totem Fire monitors, drove them very well I might add.  Very smooth, very "musical" sounding amp.

The guy I sold the MAC6700 let me know that he was driving a set of Legacy Audio floor standing speakers.  He is "tickled pink" with the McIntosh as well.

My only suggestion is to make sure you have picked out the spot it's going to live in, as with lots of McIntosh equipment, that baby is HEAVY!