McIntosh MAC6700 Stereo Receiver or MA6700 Integrated Amp

Anyone own a McIntosh MAC6700 or MA6700 unit?

If so, are you happy with it & any advice/suggestions/regrets?

Also, what speakers are you using with your unit?

I owned a MAC6700 for about 18 months, sold it when I upgraded to McIntosh separates.

It drove a pair of Totem Fire monitors, drove them very well I might add.  Very smooth, very "musical" sounding amp.

The guy I sold the MAC6700 let me know that he was driving a set of Legacy Audio floor standing speakers.  He is "tickled pink" with the McIntosh as well.

My only suggestion is to make sure you have picked out the spot it's going to live in, as with lots of McIntosh equipment, that baby is HEAVY!
I've been looking for reviews/comments on the 6700 for a while and just found this thread so thought I'd contribute. 

I recently upgraded my 30 year old Mc 5100 and MR67 to a 6700 with XR100's in large(er) room and XR50's in den. Older Paradigm Studio 40v's relocated to bedroom bookshelves. I also added a MB50 Media Streamer.

I'm adoring this new equipment and completely satisfied with what was a substantial upgrade for us. Mostly classical and jazz listening, the dimensions of which are becoming better with each day or evening of listening. I'm quite comfortable with what I perceive as very good equipment and even greater listening enjoyment.

Everything came from Audio Classics in Vestal. Dealing with Mike Sastra I was treated more than fairly. Researching this equipment on-line for weeks, I enjoyed some steep discounts and excellent trade in on my old equipment from them. They even shipped me empty boxes for my old equipment to get it back to them, and oddly enough shipped my new 6700 far in advance of them getting my trades back to them,  a level of dealer trust I've never heard of or experienced.

Your Audio Classics excellent level of service and fair pricing comment is absolutely spot on. I’ve dealt with

 Steve ,Ryan and Mike since the 90’s and also Ernie and Frank Gow while they were there and my experience has been like yours ,fair ,effortless and so very knowledgeable in their reccomendations. They take the ,should I do this or that out of the equation.