Mcintosh MA7000 vs MC402/C46 combo?

Hi all.
Used to have the combo, loved it, sold it for various reasons.
Now have and exchange offer that will have me end up with the MA7000.
Is it as good?
Any experience comparing these?
No its not, go with the amp/pre amp combo. You know this deep down inside. Sorry

Matt M                        I would get the 402 and partner it with a tube preamp.
Matt, thanks for your opinion.
I don't have the option of the 402.
I just want an opinion on ma7000 vs mc402, whether to accept the trade offer or not. 
The items to trade for (my items) are a Hegel h300 and a Unison Research S6 vs the Mac (offered).
I think it would be a lateral move at best. 
a lateral move suits me fine in this situation. if it IS a lateral move.
A new development in my options - an MA6700 was offered as a substitute for the MA7000. I have educated myself on the set of features this integrated offers, my question is about its sonics: how does it compare to the MC402 line?
I'd really appreciate some practical advice here.
Thanks in advance!
Mc402 is nice, big sound, lots of dynamic headroom.