Mcintosh MA6900 sounds better than separates

Last week I went into my local dealer to purchase a C46 preamp and MC402 amp. They had a room set up where I did extensive listening comparing the C46/MC402 vs the MA6900 integrated on the same speakers (B&W Signature 805). The salesman even had me do a BLIND test. To my amazement I consistently chose the MA6900 as the better sounding system! Although the two systems were close in sound quality, I definitely felt that the MA6900 was noticeable more transparent.

Have others had a similar experience with the MA 6900? Is there a scientific reason why the MA6900 should sound better than the separates?

The other big advantage was that I saved about $5000.

That is funny because I listened to the 46/402 combo back-to-back with the 6900 and liked the 46/402 setup better. Perhaps it depends on the speakers. In my case, they were being auditioned with B&W N803s. However, I have to admit the difference was smaller than I had anticipated.
I had the MA6900 and now have the C2200 and MC2102 tube separates. The MA6900 is very good, but there was no doubting the superiority of the C2200/MC2102 in A/B comparisons. The difference could be in using tubes, but to my ears the separates were better in every way.

But it doesn't matter what we think. Be glad that you like the cheaper option better : )