Mcintosh MA6900 power meter bulb replacement

Has anyone done a DIY bulb replacement on an MA6900.
Any information on the procedure would be very welcome.
I read somewhere that there are actually 3 bulbs in each they plug in or do they need to be soldered?
I am not familiar with doing this job on the integrateds but in general, some bulbs are plug-in and some solder. My MC7200 meter bulbs are plug-in types. I have done this job on 6 McIntoshes and it was always easy - but you should know your way with a soldering iron. Just make sure you have the right replacement bulbs as some of them are hard to find. I generally just order them from Mc but they have a $10 minimum order so you may have to get two sets to satisfy that. Arthur
The 3 small bulbs behind each meter are soldered into a small board. This board is removable. Changing these bulbs requires some skill with a soldering iron (not that hard) but certainly not as easy as changing the bulbs (plug and twist - no soldering) in a C200.
I have done this a few times on my 7205 and 352 and I can tell you that if you're going to do it yourself. Aquire a de-soldering tool from Radio Shack for about 15.00. This is the best way to remove the old bulbs without getting the traces on the board to hot, as they will pop up and then you are done. If that occurs you can use 22-24 ga wire as a jumper lead. The bulbs are availbale from McIntosh parts at 1.00 each. Also in removing tyhe bulb board you may have to loosen the front faceplate mounting to tip it forward. On my amps the power supply is situated right behind the meteres and there is no room to pull them out without doing this. You may get lucky on your piece and have enough room. The PC board fastens to the meter housing by snapping into place. You can carefully pull them out one at a time and unplug the board from the power supply. Once you have the board out if you don't want to do the soldering yourself you can also sent the board only to Mcintosh and they will rebulb it for about 25-30.00. This will let you keep your 6900 in service as it will work fine without the meters illuminated. Once you do it once it really isn't that hard and if you plan to keep it you might as well learn because in a few years you get to do it again! The bulbs behind the faceplate nomenclaure are plug in so they are easier. Just order about 20 or so bulbs from Mc and have 'em on hand. Good luck!