McIntosh ma6900 a proper preamp to a Decware zen triode single endled tube amplifier?

McIntosh ma6900 amplifier, 1982 khorns updated with volti audio gear. Am thinking of acquiring a Decware triode single ended tube amp to get the tube sound with the khorns which are now sensitivity of 104db. Would the McIntosh amplifier be a proper preamp? Everything I have read does not make this sound like a good pairing. I am not a techo-geek with any special knowledge.. I just buy what sounds good to me. Any thoughts or references which might provide more information than I have would be greatly appreciated.
Can't address your main issue. I will, however, advise you to try any new amp IN YOUR SYETEM before purchase. I recently lost substantial money buying a PrimaLuna Prologue integrated which I could hear humming (thru my La Scalla IIs) 12 feet away. The Klipsch worked fine with my BAT VK-300SE integrated. Live and learn.
Thanks for your response. I WISH I could try a new amp before buying.
I am also interested in the Decware Zen to use with my Heresy III....  I think Decware offers a trial.... 

Would love to hear users feedback on this amp also.  

The 6900 is an integrated , but I would expect it to sound good through it's preouts.   Your room size plays into it also,  not an issue with more powerful amps quite as much, but 2.3 watts is not a lot of power, so that must be taken into consideration.     I think in my room , 17 x 15 I could get by , but that might be stretching it with larger rooms.   
Thank you for your input. My room is 15 x 20 and seems to works out. According to the meters on the mac, at an indicated average of 1 watt the volume is overwhelming. Normal sound at .2 watts. Don't know how accurate that is, but 2.3 watts sounds powerful enough.
Not exactly the same as your asking ... but I'm running a McIntosh C220 with Decware Taboo MKII and some Omega RS7 loudspeakers.  They pair up excellent and the best combo I've tried with the Decware.  Also using a McIntosh D100 DAC and Rega RP6 TT as sources.

The Taboo needs at least 2.1v input to work it's best and my previous DAC did not have enough gain so I was not getting full volume out of the Taboo.  So I brought the Mac on a whim (as I always loved Mac stuff) and the pairing turned out to be the best combo I've used to date.  
A friend of mine found a single ended tube amp on ebay that came in low enough to buy and try out. Turned out the Mac is working out just fine and the preamp. I was amazed that that the sound is not that much different from using the Mac alone. There is a lot less 'force' behind the sound and is more transparent throughout the entire sonic range. I am really new with the tube amp and need more time with it. I do like it. Khorns drive some people away, but to me they sound like they were made for a tube amp.
Thanks you for your time and input.