Mcintosh MA6600

Looking for some advice here. I want to upgrade my Integrated and eventually speakers, but one step at a time.

Current setup: Metrum Ambre (Streamer) > Metrum Onyx (DAC) > Rotel RA 1572 with Rotel 990BX > B&W 683S2

I've been thinking about Mcintosh for a long time and want to take the plunge with an Integrated.

I need to be able to use XLR from DAC to Integrated. Will hook up turntable as well.

I will either get new 700 series B&W or used Diamond (bookshelf)

The MA6600 seems to be a good choice, but wanted to see what everyone else thinks. Mostly looking at used prices

Budget $3-4k

You absolutely need to hear it before committing. Pay special attention to the mid and treble balance, and long term listening.

With the B&W especially.

If you go with the W Diamonds, the tweeter caps are the only things holding them back. Replace them for $7-$20 each and they are really good.
I am a proud owner of a Mac MA6600.  It is the best integrated I have had in my secondary system.  This integrated bested a Classe  CAP150 integrated, a Rogue Cronus Magnum  tube integrated and a Parasound Halo integrated.  None of them compare.  The MA6600 is 200wpc with 2 db headroom and has many inputs and outputs PLUS bass and treble controls.  I purchased mine at Audio Classics in September 2017 for $3400.00.  It was so clean I thought it was brand new and I have never had any issues with it.  I play this amp every day at least 6 hours.
@stereo5 dang that is a good price. All the ones are audioclassics are about $3900 right now...ha! 

I'm torn between upgrading speakers and Integrated.... What speakers are you driving with the MA6600?
I am running GE Triton 1 speakers with the MA6600. The price on Audio Classics site is the same they were asking for my amp. I asked what their best price was and they came up with $3400.00. This was during the Summer when they weren"t very busy so YMMV.
@stereo5  because of your post- I got it for same price! thank you sir.
I Have the updated mac7200, also 200w integrated. You have to listen yourself to decide. McIntoshs are definitely “soft” “ polite “ as most people would call them. Meaning not clearest , not fast n not ponchy. I can accept them for easy n long listening without ear furtige. Other people don’t like them. I don’t blame them. So go listen 

Happy to be of help.  Post your impressions once you receive it.
@stereo5  so this amplifier is amazing..duh!! It's fantastic and so fun to just look at!! Now....upgrading the speakers ;)

I only have my Rotel 1572 to compare and I'm not sure that is a great comparison, but by and large, EVERYTHING is better which was to be expected.  Does your unit get warm/hot? I noticed the right side gets a little bit warmer than the other. I do have a AIRCOM that I used for the top of my older Rotel power amp that got kinda of hot.

Just curious if I should use that to be safe?
I play mine at low volume.  The volume control never goes past 33 and mine is never warm.  You could ask Audio Classics what they think.