Mcintosh MA6500, monitor speaker suggestions.

Just purchased a MA6500 and expect to receive it within two weeks. Currently using a pair of monitor audio GR10's.
Without hearing this combination, my gut feeling is that
GR10's will match up fairly well because the 10's are a bit
bright, and the Mac is on the warm side.
Anyone currently using this combination, if so what do you think?
Also looking for alternatives to the 10's. What are you MA6500 owners using? My interest is in a monitor speaker system.
Thank in advance for any advice.
I read ATC works well with the Macs.
JM Labs, Proac, Magnepan, Harbeths
I have a Mcintosh 6600 paired with B&W 805s speakers. It's a small listening room and thought I would need a sub, but really not necessary. We mainly listen to jazz, female vocals. Love this combo.
should be a good fit.
I just bought a pair of Dynaudio Focus 140 and it's amazing with my MA6500.
Zorro, thanks for bringing up Dynaudio, they have always
impressed me in the higher end audio stores. Could be an attractive option. I think I like the fact that they are
4ohm speakers, that would raise the output of the MA6500
to 200 wpc. Have you tried other speakers that are 8ohm?
Any way of estimating the additional 80 wpc?
Don't raise the output of the MA6500 by lowering the impedance. Reduce the output. Zu Druid Credenza, 12 ohms. I've heard the combination and it makes the MA6500 sound much closer to the musicality of the iron output MA6900/7000, while still having plenty of power for the 101db/w/m Credenzas (high efficiency with lots of power handling).

Intriguing to say the least. Confusing though. My thinking was going from a 8ohm speaker system to a 4ohm speaker system would give the overall sound a more robust maybe even a MA6900ish quality. 101 db senitivity is absolutely amazing, but isn't a 12ohm load going to output around 80wpc?
Another concern would be from my initial reading of Zu Druid is that it's anything but "Flat" sounding. I always though that flattness equalled naturalness (not sure that's a word) hopefully you'll see my point.
Please take the time to sell me on the Zu Druid Credenza system, I'm very attracted to their look, their price and
also their mystic