McIntosh MA2275 v VAC Avatar Super

I currently own a Mac 6500 with Sonus Faber Guarneris .Whilst they work well together I would like more airiness,a sweeter more liquid sound without losing the presence the Mac has.I have heard the Mac 2275 in another system and it sounded good but not breathtaking.
I have read good reports of the VAC but as I live in England and there are no distributors here I cannot get to hear it.Any views please as to whether it offers more than the Mac or do you have any other suggestions?
For the price of a MC2275 and if your trying to keep it somewhat Mac I would get a used MC252 amp with a Cary SLP94, or even a Audio Research Ls25 mk1 preamp. Keep the slam of the SS mac and add a little Cary sweetness, just my 2 cents.
I have not heard the Super Avatar, but own the VAC Renaissance 140/140's and can say that VAC has a reputation for very high build quality, which should be a priority for you if there is no local distributor.
sonus faber speakers are a great match with ss mac. that airy quality you acheive with tubes of any manufacurer including mac, will come with a trade off. the sonus fabor design is inherently more about tonal accuracy than sweetness and air.