McIntosh MA2275 int tube Amp...OPINIONS PLEASE

HI any owners ? need input on ma2275.
If it sounds anything like my McIntosh MC 275 MK V, I'd say you should be quite happy. Plus, I like the fact that it's American made.... Mac gear has a reputation for being dependable.... Mac has outstanding customer support, and resale value is second to none.

What speakers do you plan to use with it?
I own and have used an MA2275 for the past 3 years to drive B&W 805s's in my anchor system. Other than an incident with a static discharge (always ground yourself before plugging headphones during the winter when you live in New England) it has been totally reliable and sounds excellent. I chose the 2275 over the the C220/MC275 combo due to the all tube signal path including the phono preamp and elimination of amp/preamp interconnects in the amplification chain. The current tube complement consists of Sovtek 12AX7LPS'S in the phono preamp,Mullard CV4024 drivers, re-isssue Mullard 12AX7's in the tone amp and re-issue Tungsol 6550 output tubes (however I have a set of re-issue Gold Lion KT88's to try when I get some time to play). This amp is where I go when I get tired of playing with various components and just want to listen to very high quality music. Highly Recommended!
Not to derail the original post but:
I have been a long time observer of your systems, as mine have been similar (Plinius integrated, Dynaudio Contour monitors; now I have C1s). So how do like the Mac as opposed to the Plinius amp?
I LOVE my MA2275! The sound quality is excellent and warm. Plenty of power to drive my Thiel 2.4's. I have not played with tube rolling yet but will do so soon. The 2275 is built like a tank!
I purchased a new MA2275 August 2011 with Sonus Faber Cremona-M speakers and the sound was dull and disappointing, I wondered had I made a huge mistake! I waited and waited for the burn-in improvement but it never came by March 2012.

I read about tube rolling on Audiogon and was positive that if I changed the McIntosh Chinese signal tubes I would have hope.

I ordered 12AX7 NOS Telefunken smooth plates from Brent Jessee Recording Supply in Illinois and man what a difference! My Mac is singing unbelievably! All I replaced was the V6 & V7 preamp tubes. I was so stoked that I went further and ordered the very best Telefunken driver tubes ECC801S and I continue to be amazed. This is all I ever wanted.

Of course I am continuing my quest with Brent Jesse for some top of the line Mazda tubes for the phono side.

I suggest everyone with a MA2275 contact Jessee Brent for their tubes. The web site is amateur but has a wealth of information no slick site has, this is the true and real deal here. I'd like to have a beer with this guy sometime.

And by the way, I'm an American working in the Middle East and his tubes arrived safe and sound, no doubt to Lynn's careful packing :-). So where ever in the world you are, rest assure they will arrive intact.

Two thumbs up to the Brent Family Biz. I'm a customer for life.

mark mccune
I've had very good experiences with Brent Jessee as well. Good service and good tubes at a fair price.